Artist Statement

Graduart 2015

My art practice investigates identity and design through the genre of contemporary wearable art.

I reconsider the function and aesthetic design of wearable art through ongoing exploration of the head wear shaping processes and structural pattern making. By employing a combination of historical design and contemporary pattern modelling, I develop innovative methods of moulding and manipulating fabric structures. This involves using materials that I can manipulate by shrinking, stretching, and moulding. I am particularly interested in how this moulding process creates a tension between functional form, sculptural objects and structures. 

The roles of materiality and texture are important. That is, I transform recycle materials by mixing them with natural and unexpected materials. For example, I use banana fibre and horsehair with vintage remnants and thermoplastics. By constantly finding unique ways of exploring materials and processes that respond to the human body, I create artworks which focus on a visually aesthetic outcome. My practice also draws on the early 20th century with reference to Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and early fashion couturiers such as Erte and Gabrielle (Coco) Channel.